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Stepping up study and internship abroad

– a strategy for enhanced outbound mobility in the academy profession and professional bachelor education programmes

4.3. Rejection of study period abroad

The students who had not studied abroad were asked to take a stand on 18 statements on why they had not been abroad to study or on internship.

The most frequent reason to reject a stay abroad during the education is personal matters such as family, fiancé(e), and friends (69%).

Lack of financial resources follows as the second most frequent reason to reject a stay abroad (56%), while lack of desire for a stay abroad is the third most frequent reason to reject a stay abroad (40%).

The students who in the course of their study have started planning a stay abroad but gave it up state most frequently (63%) that the stay did not materialise because it was difficult to arrange. An almost equally important reason to cut short the planning of a stay abroad is lack of money/funds for the stay (57%), while lack of counselling and information from the educational institution is given as the third most important reason (39%).

Figure 4.3: Reasons why students reject a study abroad during their education

figure 4.3

Based on the survey, four distinct groups of students have been defined – each with their arguments for rejecting a stay abroad as a part of the studies.